The maternity period is a special time

Your maternity period

Our maternity carers do everything they can to make your maternity period as pleasant as possible. They care not only for you and your child, but they’re also there for your partner and, in case you have any, your other children. Our maternity carers help you when needed and at your preferred location – at home or in the maternity hotel. In addition, you can choose from three maternity packages, which differ in the amount of maternity care hours. So you can be sure that you get customised care.

  • Experienced maternity carers

  • Single point of contact

  • Over 50 years of experience

  • Always near by

Students and interns

In order to keep the maternity care in the region at a high level now and in the future, Lunavi attaches great value to education and training. We have signed an agreement with the ROCs (regional training centres), which guarantees a number of internships for maternity carers in training. We are a Calibris-approved training company for educating maternity carers. This means that our maternity carers get regular in-service training. It's also possible that you’ll deal with a student nurse or intern during your maternity period. This has many advantages for you because they’re working in accordance with the latest theoretical and practical insights. You will also receive more care because you’ll have access to both a graduated nurse and a student nurse. The students or interns are also very motivated to do thei job well because they’ll be assessed on how they handle situations. We assume that you understand that we cannot train new maternity nurses without giving them the opportunity to put their skills into practice. That’s why we more or less assume that a student or intern is welcome during your maternity period. Is this is not the case, please inform your maternity care consultant during the intake.

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