The most beautiful nine months

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

There is a baby on it's way! You have a fun and exciting time ahead, during which a lot will be coming your way. Fortunately, you can rely on Dé Provinciale Kraamzorg. We will do everything we can to ensure you will experience you maternity period as pleasant. Moreover, we will try to provide care as much as possible by the same nurses. Before you give birth, you can also come to us for advice, for example, about courses and preparation for childbirth. You permanent maternity care consultant will be your point of contact from beginning till the end.

  • Experienced maternity carers

  • Single point of contact

  • Over 50 years of experience

  • Always near by

Prepare yourself

Dé Provinciale Kraamzorg helps you to prepare for the arrival of your child. For example, we can advise you on courses and trainings that you can follow. When you know what to expect, both the birth and your maternity period will be more enjoyable. The complete list of courses can be found on this page. You'll also have to deal with many different practical matters during you pregnancy. For example, regarding nutrition: what you should not eat during your pregnancy or while you are breastfeeding. It's also important to be prepared for the child delivery, so that you have everything you need in place. Do you still have any questions? Please contact you maternity care consultant!

We are happy to help you

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Borrow free maternity tools form Medipoint

Free tools form Medipoint

Dé Provinciale Kraamzorg works together with home care shop Medipoint. Medipoint offers all maternity care aids you need during and after your pregnancy. You can borrow a number of selected maternity care aids for free here, such as a bedpan, bed raisers or bed blocks, toilet chair, shower chair and a backrest. You can also order a complete maternity package.

Maternity care consulant

At Dé Provinciale Kraamzorg you always have a single point of contact during your pregnancy and maternity period – the maternity care consultant. Our maternity care consultants have many years of experience in maternity care and can answer all your questions. Whether they’re about your insurance or regarding practical matters relating to childbirth and the maternity period. The maternity care consultants are there to help you. Because your maternity care consultant is associated with the region in which you live, she has contact with midwives, hospitals and maternity hotels nearby.

Well-prepared for childbirth

We use workshops and advice to help you and your partner

On the way to childbirth

The 'On the way to childbirth' course is a complete and very practical one-evening course for you and your partner. The course is provided in a group with up to 10 participants.

Swimming during pregnancy

Exercise and relaxing in warm water is good for your body and the bond with the baby, and it’s nice to have contact with others who are in the same situation!

Giving Birth Together

The Giving Birth Together course provides you with practical information, you will be thoroughly informed and you’ll learn techniques that you can apply during delivery.

Heart for her

What a special time – you're pregnant! The next nine months are a special time. A period in which a lot will change. 

Giving Birth

During this course you (together with your partner, if desired)  will get insight into the natural process of childbirth. Information is alternated with practical exercises.

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